Legends Act 1

ZA FRUMI [Za Frûmi / Atrium Carceri / Musterion]


Za Frumi members Simon Kolle and Simon Heath are probably most known in the Industrial area for their individual projects : ATRIUM CARCERI and MUSTERION.

Act 1 in the instrumental Legends series.
This album filled with medieval and fantasy atmospheres tells music from the majestic dwarven wars to the great cleansing lead by the dark order Vasilievich.
With the Legends series Za Frûmi take a step away from the dialogue-driven albums in the "Za Frûmi Saga".

1. Dwarven Wars
2. Azoot oh' Khans Keep
3. The Olog Forest
4. Tea
5. Above and Below
6. Midnight
7. The Inn
8. Za Shulg (remix)
9. The Gathering of the Tribes » Listen to MP3
10. The Cleansing (Act 1)
11. The Cleansing (Act 2)

Note: The numbers of the tracklist on the real album is of orcish intellect, but dont be confused, they are named in the right order.

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