Legends Act 4 / Orders

ZA FRUMI [Za Frûmi / Atrium Carceri / Musterion]


Za Frumi members Simon Kolle and Simon Heath are most known in the Industrial area for their individual projects : ATRIUM CARCERI and MUSTERION.

Try to imagine the best among fantasy film soundtracks such as LOTR with a varied instrumentation and with even more depth than the soundtracks.
With the help of this magnificent album you create the ”film” with your imagination.
This legendary act 4 is a glorious amalgam of beautiful dark orchestral themes, good choral work, delicate/sublime solos, unobtrusively effective mixing techniques, which comes together to form a wicked combination of mystery, horror, wisdom, magic and elegance.

1. Ordo Intedob
2. Ordo Inano
3. Ordo Ber´geliaz
4. Ordo Defelgratio Inano Arcturus
5. Ordo Vortokh
6. Ordo Botta Secreta
7. Ordo Custos Ari
8. Ordo Nindyn Vel´uss Noamuth
9. Ordo Asomir
10. Ordo Templi Sulfurium Draconis
11. Ordo Koum Janoh´te

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