Legends Act 2 / Vampires

ZA FRUMI [Za Frûmi / Atrium Carceri / Musterion]


Za Frumi members Simon Kolle and Simon Heath are most known in the Industrial area for their individual projects : ATRIUM CARCERI and MUSTERION.

Act 2 in the instrumental Legends series.
This album is inspired by the legends of two vampires (Jakesh and Rianji).
Mystical, dark, fantasy and well played are words to describe the music.
The booklet is rich with beautiful artwork and texts.
Za Frûmi have really outdone themselves with this masterpiece!

The legends of Jakesh:
1. Through Jakesh Eyes
2. The Curse
3. Halls of Madness
4. Celestial Bond
5. Morning Dew
The legends of Rianji:
6. The Cult of Rianji
7. Shadow Twin
8. Blood Slaves
9. Crematoria
10. The Feast

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