Putredini Obnoxius


CD Digipak (DNN007 C) - ALMA DE NIETO

Italian duo Capricorni Pneumatici started in 1987.
This CD is part of their 30th Anniversary release series.
It should have been their tenth album, originally composed in 1991 for the Portuguese label Putrefactio, but was never published at the time.
26 years later it comes to light in this first edition.
The recordings are made up of electric guitar, samples, synths, tapes, strings, field recordings, percussion and voices (including that of Aleister Crowley, whose book they are named after). Mastered from the original 1992 master tape.

1 The Call Of The First Aethyr 9:32
2 Hoor-Paar-Kraat 5:48
3 The Whispering Wheel 7:55
4 The Pentagram 5:50
5 Putredini Obnoxius 2:56
6 Earth Inferno 5:22
7 A-Thele-Ber-Seth 8:38
8 The Dreamer 8:57
9 Collected Gnostic Mass 3:15

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