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CD Jewel-Box (DNN 001 C) - ALMA DE NIETO

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"Boris Kovac is one of a handful of modern composers and performers from the region of Hungary, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia whose names reached Western Europe and America.
Strongly influenced by folk music from that region (a fascination he shares with István Mártha and Ernö Király), minimalism, Bela Bartok, and the philosophy of Bela Hamvas (also influential on Hungarian composer Tibor Szemzö, Kovac's music takes multiple forms."  - François Couture/All Music Guide

‘His composition, like a great release, possessed the spellbinding quality of great folk music: easy virtuosity, attention to the minutiae of expression, unembarrassing pathos… a deep base of audible, almost tactile emotion. Kovac slips easily across that twilight zone where contemporary composition and folk music touch.’ - Chris Cutler / Resonance - London

"Music is the last relief between earth and sky.
Deus sive natura.
Petrol is more expensive today than yesterday.
I live in a country called Yugoslavia and sometimes remember my father.
Children are singing in the street… The neighbour is drunk… Thanks to all friends and enemies who help my work" - Boris Kovač

Performed by Ritual Nova Ensemble:
Nenad Vrbaški – violin
Nebojša Pandurović – cello
Veljko Nikolić Nik – sampler / percussion / accordion
Bora Janić – drums
Boris Kovač –reeds / sampler / accordion

A great Modern-Classic album contaminated by eastern / yugoslavian sounds mixed up to ambient-experimentations.

1 Introduction : Profound 8:22
2 Autumn Room : Delighted 13:21
3 1st Interlude : Pensive 2:29
4 Folk Prelude : Love Sick 4:48
5 Scherzo : Loosely, Trivial 4:39
6 2nd Interlude : Nostalgia 3:30
7 Sound Archaeology : Misteriously 4:51
8 Dervish Theme : Trance 13:29
9 Interludum Circulus : Sacral 3:00

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