Dance Mystique

MILUSIC [Teatro Satanico]

CD Digipak (DNN 014 C) - ALMA DE NIETO

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Roberto Milusic might be also know for his strict collaborations with Devis G of TEATRO SATANICO.
In his first solo album, Roberto Milusic Migliussi - poet, musician, mail artist, painter, magician... Takes his first cassettes cut-up experiments of the '80s, using samples from radio broadcasts and ethnic sounds, subsuming them in an electronic drum and bass background of hypnotic trance.
Dance Mystique delivers a bunch of electronic rides based on involving rhythms and a large palette of sounds exuding mysticism.
The result has been mastered by Devis G (TEATRO SATANICO).
Roberto Milusic Migliussi was the founder of the influential magazine IDOLA TRIBUS during the mid '80s.
He spread knowledge of Austin Osman Spare translating and publishing the his most important works.

1 Awakening (Outward)
2 Initial Circle Of Affirmation
3 Weird Contemplation (I Am Twirling In Ectsasy)
4 A Contact (Eye In An Eye)
5 Swirling In The Melt (Lie The Shield Down)
6 Satisfied (Filling The Emptiness)
7 Aum Ha
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