The Erivar


CD Jewel-Box (DNN005C) - ALMA DE NIETO

CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI are on of the best keept secrets in the Italian Old School / Occult Industrial.
After a short period of great activity between 1987 and 1991, CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI returned in 2016 with the new "The Erivar" album showing a disturbing visionary ability.
An industrial texture often macabre ("Inside Mother") and reiterated ("You Are Four And Magic"), electronic winds with horror veins ("Ohyf"), dark-ambient landscapes ("The Erivar") up to the bottom of the abyss in the two final pieces - "Ord Traitors" and "Cyngus Olor" - sort of demonic invocations, recordings of real witches' sabbaths in the prelude of a sacrificial event.
CAPRICORNI PNEUMATICI with "The Erivar" continue their adventure showing how powerful and visionary the most clandestine and least known side of the Italian industrial scene can be.

1 Inside Mother 4:46
2 The Erivar 11:40
3 Ode To Fortum 9:02
4 You Are Four And Magic 6:11
5 Mon Fordon 4:12
6 Ohyf 7:52
7 Ord Traditori 10:00
8 Cyngus Olor 4:34

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