Lake of Fire


CD Digipak (DNN 009 C) - ALMA DE NIETO

Italian duo Capricorni Pneumatici started in 1987, taking their name from an Aleister Crowley book.
This CD is part of their 30th Anniversary and they have produced two new albums to mark the occasion.
This album, "Lake Of Fire", presents an ambient and ritual world view that sinks deeply into female vocals.
71 minutes of music using percussion, voices, bowed harp guitar, electronics, music concrete and treatments.

1 Stage 1 - Ordeal 14:30
2 Stage 2 - Suspension 10:00
3 Stage 3 - Il Est Mort 9:15
4 Stage 4 - Le Soleil Noir 29:23
5 Stage 5 - Lake Of Fire 8:10

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