Bloodtheism (Special Edition)


CD Digipak + CD-R (SLCDR211-20) - SKULLLINE

Limited Edition 50 copies

The special edition lmited to only 50 copies - including:
§ "Bloodtheism" Standard Digipak album
§ "Religion Of The Blood" CDr with 4 exclusive tracks
§ Three two-sided postcards exclusive to this edition

True to their path, Arditi return with "Bloodtheism".
This album was released in 2018 as mp3 download only.
Finally here comes the solid and remastered album including two exclusive bonus tracks.
Orchestrally, the Swedish duo partly emphasizes the industrial dark ambience side of their music, with the extensive use of loops and recurring themes adding a semi-obsessed tone to the classic-militaristic sound sculpture.

§   Bloodtheism CD
01. Bloodtheism
02. Militant Fate
03. Creative Principle
04. Conquering Energy
05. Militares Nobiles
06.Imperium Maius
07. Winged Coiled Serpent (Bonus Track)
08. Divine Order (Bonus Track)

§   Religion Of The Blood CDr
01. Religion Of The Blood [Experimental Version] 4:33
02. Religion Of The Blood [Ambient Version] 5:35
03. Religion Of The Blood [Industrial Version] 4:33
04. Religion Of The Blood [Instrumental Version] 4:35

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