The Bog


CD Jewel Box (IF-39) - INFINITE FOG

This album dedicated to the archetype of Toad in world's mythology and based on re-processed sounds of frogs, toads and swamps.
I made this field recordings during my travels in China, India and Kavkaz , also i receieved a part of them from friendly sound artists as Mars F. Weillink (x-Vance Orchestra) , Andrea Marutti (Amon) and Roman Voronovski (Rombix).
Track 3 contains a looped voice by Dasha Baskakova and sounds recorded at Volkonski Dolmen using sine generator and dolmen original acoustic.
Track 4 based on pitched loops of my violin and sounds from Mars.
No any preset sounds/ synths used on this record.

*The term "toadstool" was often applied to poisonous mushrooms or to those.
Between 1400 and 1600 A.D., this term were used synonymously with some mushrooms of umbrella-like cap-and-stem form.

*The myth of a Princess Frog exist in a different cultures.
In Russia its a character of some russian magic tales of archaic times...
Symbol of Princess Frog- is a frog keeping an arrow in mouth and with a crown on the head.
Similar myths also exist in Chinese and South-American cultures.
The image of a princess frog goes back to an archetype of totem spouses whom the primitive hunter should "marry" that hunting has gone right.
Wedding on this totem was symbolical, in special ritual.
The myth which explained sense of ritual, told about a marriage on totem spouse so that the cultural hero had an opportunity to receive for people any blessings, good hunt etc...

As usual with Cisfinitum they deliver best Droning-Ambient.

Tracklist :
1 The Bog 48:45

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