Baalstorm, Sing Omega


CD Digipack (NIFE 010CD) - COPTIC CAT

This, the final part of David Tibet’s trilogy of revelations that began with Black Ships Ate the Sky, is his most dizzying and hallucinatory work yet.
Stripping back the heavy guitars that have been creeping steadily into Current 93’s music, the songs here instead sound like they have been passed down through generations of Middle Eastern folk musicians.
From the image of a young Tibet standing in front of Stonehenge on the back of the album to the lyrical themes of eternities, the weight of time hangs heavy around Baalstorm, Sing Omega.
This is a surprising and rewarding change in tone for Current 93 that certainly ranks amongst Tibet's finest work yet.

The lineup of the group for this recordings is:
Eliot Bates, James Blackshaw, John Contreras, Baby Dee, Andrew Liles, Melon Liles, Alex Neilson, Bea Taylor, Isabel Taylor and David Tibet.

1 I Dreamt I Was Æon 6:52
2 With Flowers In The Garden Of Fires 4:09
3 December 1971 4:35
4 Baalstorm! Baalstorm! 6:27
5 Passenger Aleph In Name 4:40
6 Tanks Of Flies 3:19
7 The Nudes Lift Shields For War 5:31
8 Night! Death! Storm! Omega! 3:50
9 I Dance Narcoleptic 10:37

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