Hypnagogue I / II - Гипнагогия I / II

CURRENT 93 [Каррент 93]

CD Jewel Box (DSM 4026-06) - DURTRO / SOYUZ

Official Russian edition ! (NB: many cover-notes are on Cyrillic)

Tibet’s poetry about Christ, children, dreams, piety, horror, death, decay ....
It has never been more clear that David Tibet lives in a completely idiosyncratic sphere of his own. Perhaps this is true for everyone, but Tibet's world seems particularly out of step with current trends in music, culture and thought.
There is something terribly admirable and beguiling about that.
Hypnagogue beautifully proves that Current 93 is continuing in its tangential orbit, and exists solely as the outlet for Tibet's poetic musings on Christ, cats, children, dreams, piety, horror, death, dread, decay and apocalypse. You're not going to find any concessions to glitch-pop or retro-electro here.
This album consists of nine tracks or "chapters" of a long poem called, appropriately, "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue."
Like many of Current 93's works, it's impossible to rate this album based on the music alone,the main focus is on the poetry, and if the listener is not willing to carefully absorb Tibet's linguistic imagery, the point of the music is lost!

Personnel :
David Tibet, Maja Elliott

Track Listing
1 Hypnagogue 1 (1:08)
2 Hypnagogue 2 (2:43)
3 Hypnagogue 3 (1:46)
4 Hypnagogue 4 (2:19)
5 Hypnagogue 5 (0:53)
6 Hypnagogue 6 (1:52)
7 Hypnagogue 7 (1:59)
8 Hypnagogue 8 (1:28)
9 Hypnagogue 9 (6:43)

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