The Great in the Small / Великое В Малом

CURRENT 93 [Каррент 93]

CD Jewel Box (DSM 5480-08) - DURTRO / SOYUZ

Official Russian edition ! (NB: many cover-notes are on Cyrillic)

You've all read the story by now :
In a dream, David Tibet was instructed to release all his material together in one collection before he died, echoing the old wives' tale that when you die your life flashes before you.

The Great in the Small' is one long track of everything playing at the same time, from 1984's 'Lashtal' single through 2000's 'Sleep Has His House' album.
At the helm mixing the balances between everything was Stapleton and Tibet, who according to Tibet had a methodical mathematical system of doing things.

To its credit, the mix is carefully constructed and is truly an adventure either in a properly setup room with loud speakers or with headphones, listening and picking out popular favorites as they fade in and out in a tapestry of noise.

1 The Great In The Small (61:14)

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