CD Jewel Box (THUK II) - S.P.K.R.

The occult project DVAR has become known for the "gothic" community after the compilation "Edge Of The Night" release, the song "Taai Liira" stood out among the rest of material.
Full of inhuman aggression, paranoidal hysteria and infinite pathology, this song created at the junction point of darkwave and electronic black metal has opened a window for mass audience.
Surely one of the most dark and sickly chapters in the history of Russian dark scene.

Tracklist :
1 Al Hilaji 3:08
2 Iina Tamiira 4:57
3 Taai Liira 2:59
4 Vo Rah Arrah Iill 3:22
5 Hissen Raii 3:31
6 Iih Rah 2:36
7 Abisser 2:12
8 Itiir 3:27
9 Vaii Han 3:26
10 Schraii 4:55
11 Ariil Iaat 5:11

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