Count Eric Stenbock was one of London's finest writers of 'melancholy and suicidal verse' in the late 19th century and his interpretation of "Faust" was written near the end of his brief and troubled life. 
The 40 page booklet contains the text in it's entirety, a confusing tale filled with religious, ritual and magical imagery.  Unlike "Special Plan", the music on "Faust" does not recite the text but rather serves as accompaniment. 
Tibet, Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound) and Andrea Degens (Pantaleimon) create a 36 minute shifting mass of muttering and drone set to a muffled church bell metronome. 
The constant chatter of overlapping whispered voices is the focal point ... the unintelligible words, moans, sighs and cries of multitudes seemingly trapped in purgatory. 
As the piece progresses the cacophony decreases unveiling more layers of singing, howling and the occasional bit of text spoken by a young female. 
"Faust" is hypnotic in it's otherworldly and unsettling eeriness. 
The story and music fit together nicely though I'm quite happy with the music by its self. 
The Babs Santini (Steven Stapleton) cover picture of a blurred apparition is also fitting. 

1 Faust  35:53

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