Garbage Sandwich

Various Artists

2 x Music Cassette (777-Re:001) -

Limited Edition 100 copies

Second issue for this double Cassette compilation!
Limited to 100 copies.

Info from the info-slip that comes with the tape:
"This double cassette compilation 'Garbage Sandwich', is only mere 'garbage' which musicians, non-musicians, artists, non-artists, who exist, live, work or have already disappeared in mainly Japan, U.S.A. or all over the world, play, which only lunatics or perverts play, whcih is the worst and the lowest one like real garbage and normal person cannot find out any necessity, meaning and value to listen to and it has spent about three years from the end of 1989 to the end of 1992 and comes to waste and which becomes only 'garbage' after collecting, compiling, producing, decomposing, and at last breaking completely and after all, it does not have any meaning and does not bear anything and everything comes to nothing.

9 bands from Angry Noise Fly to Miracle Disco Vomit are factious bands which Eye Yamatsuka dug out, fabricated, organized, dissolved and produced under the name of Hanatarash-master for this project but have not existed, lived, worked any longer or never done anything at all from the first.

The oral assault by GG Allin & The Bleeding Cunt Seekers is the statement which GG talked over the phone from prison in Sept. 1990 when he had been arrested for attempted murder and his pal, Doil added Malicious Damage on.

A1 The Boredoms - Body Check #7 2:47
A2 UFO Or Die - Smog Men Smoke 1:35
A3 Angry Noise Fly - Callin' A-N-F 0:24
A4 Silver Magic Machine - Stoogie Boy 1:27
A5 Pylamid Suicide - Living In Suicide Home 1:42
A6 Electric Toilet Orchestra - E.L.O. 1:26
A7 The Fog - Hog Machine 2:18
A8 The Fog - TEL 06 328 6425 1:39
A9 XXXXXX-Rated - Do-Not-Sex 1:00
A10 Space Maggots - I Am Earless Insect 0:31
A11 I Can Melt For Shit - Perfect 1:05
A12 I Can Melt For Shit - I Will Kill Mistake Man 1:23
A13 Miracle Disco Vomit - Machinegun Shopping 1:07
A14 Miracle Disco Vomit - All Right 0:06
A15 Mechanical Sterility - Body Of Christ 2:01
A16 Mechanical Sterility - Vomit In The Streets 1:47
A17 Mechanical Sterility - Light My Fire 1:48
A18 Psychodrama - I Love My Wife And Kids, And I Go To Church 5:50
A19 A Band Called Horse - Honey 5:49
A20 The German Shepherds - Cruising With ED SMITH 1965 2:55
A21 UFO Or Die - Dead Head Angels 1:54
A22 The Boredoms - The 69 69 Box 1:45
A23 Mykel Board - My Way 5:47
B1 Zeni Geva - Skullfuck 1:50
B2 The Boredoms - Bore Bore '90 2:26
B3 Anil Melnick - Treasureland 3:44
B4 Anil Melnick - 5 Minutes 2:33
B5 Bloody Mess & The Skabs - Mammogram Days 1:37
B6 Suckdog - Going To Be Married 1:14
B7 Lucky Pierre - (I Am) Mariia 2:00
B8 Ruins - Onyx 2:23
B9 Ruins - Sac 0:34
B10 Ruins - Deviant 1:30
B11 Ruins - Velocity 0:55
B12 Ruins - Stonehenge 3:44
B13 The Boredoms - Chainsaw Clinik 2:52
B14 The Boredoms - Nice B-O-R-E Guy 1:55
B15 Surfers Of Romantica - Bo Bo 67 (Spirit Mix) 2:27
B16 Jello Biafra - Under The K-MART Cyanide Sky! 3:20
B17 John Trubee - Echo Freak Out Live In Trenton City Gardens, Trenton, N.J. U.S.A. May 23rd 1986 4:54
B18 GG Allin & The Bleeding Cunt Seekers - Interior Depths Of GG ALLIN/Beautiful Afterbirth Fucked & Framed 7:51

C1 Masonna - Shinsen Na Clitoris (Testicles Mix With Out Takes) 5:49
C2 Incapacitants - I Don't Understand Why Mr. S Is Always Busy 9:23
C3 The Hanatarash - Retrospective Live Aktion At Kyoto 16 Dec 1984 4:20
C4 The Gerogerigegege - Anal Beethoven (88-Mix) 4:20
C5 Nihilist Surfin' Group - 1981 3:36
C6 Violent Onsen Geisha - Destroy The Disabled Persons Welfare Law! 4:38
C7 The Ass Ess - Big Ass 3:06
C8 Jojo Hiroshige - Out Club 4:02
C9 Masomania - Burn Me Fast 3:01
C10 Hijo Kaidan - Fandango (Live) 5:57
D1 Smegma - Thank You Goodnight (Recorded Live At X-Ray Cafe, Portland, Oregon 1/19/91) 5:46
D2 Smog - Astronaut Suffocating 1:29
D3 The German Shepherds - THC (Live) 5:35
D4 John Murphy Father Of Skins - Panik 3:58
D5 Freudwerk - Pianographie 6:03
D6 The Grey Wolves - Pure Hatred 3:05
D7 The Grey Wolves - Victory Through Violence (Live) 2:50
D8 Con-Dom - The Road To Total Freedom 6:12
D9 Schloss Tegal - Meat Gaze 5:07
D10 The Haters - Don't Listen To Me 3:05
D11 Zone Void - Paravidya 6:45

(Internal note: Box1)

This is rare!
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