CD-R Carton Sleeve (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 300 copies

Ongoing series of environmental sound matter pieces by sound artist/composer Francisco López.
Created with original non-transformed recordings and published on small artist self-released editions.
Best Ambient sounds

Locations where the sounds was recorded:
tropical, sub-tropical and cold rainforests in: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Gambia, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma), New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Japan,
Senegal, South Africa, USA, Venezuela.

“Behind every image, something has disappeared.
And that is the source of its fascination.
Behind virtual reality in all its forms [...] the real has disappeared.
And that is what fascinates everyone.
According to the official version, we worship the real and the reality principle, but -and this is the source of the current suspense- is it, in fact, the real we worship, or its disappearance?”
Jean Baudrillard – ‘Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?’

Self-released album by the artist on high quality Pro-CDr.

Tracklist :
1 Hyper-Rainforest 61:18 

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