Published for the first time in 2013 as LP, the fourth album by Le Bambine in thir last line-up as a trio.
The title "1994" is taken from the year in which the music was composed but also wants to remind 1984 by George Orwell.
The four long tracks presented on this record are the last compositions from this band. These music (art-rock?) go directly into your veins, deeply, with interesting structures that include improvisation: obscure music, carnal/intellectual, with very strong texts...
The work is mastered by the American 'The Norman Conquest' (www.thenormanconquest.net), musician who plays among others in Cosa Brava with Fred Frith.
"Le Bambine" hybridated their initial hard core punk sound with hard-rocking elements, funky, jazz, a vigorous melodic approach and improvised elements.
The band was active between 1987 to '95 and had several line-up changes: the group was formed by Marco Cossetti on electric bass, Stefano Giust on drums, Orfeo Ciampa on electric guitar and Vito Ciampa on voice.
Later, Orfeo was replaced by Teho Teardo and after him, came Paolo De Piaggi and the group became a stable trio.
Le Bambine, despite the ironic name and lightweight, was an uncompromising group, a powerful live-band, occasionally theatrical and multimedia with hundreds of concerts and dozens of support-acts, such as the first Italian tour of Primus, Fugazi, Fishbones, Verbal Assoult, D.O.A., Fuzztones, Seers, Flashtones, Marphy's Low, The Haters (Survival Research Laboratories), Negazione, Silverfish, etc.
Define the music they have done over the years is not easy because they had a continuous evolution, these were the years of the first cross-over, the mixing of the styles to create an unique, new sound.

Tracklist :
A1. Lucertolr 10:18
A2. Come un Fiore 7:56
B1 Un Solo Giorno 8:12
B2 Distrutto Ogni Parere Contrario 8:24

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