Atrax Morgue side project, re-issue of the limited tape release.

Imagin what makes a man kill another human, not for survival but for the unadulterated sadistic rush of adrenaline.
What makes him tick?
What are his thoughts prior, during and after the kill?
Now imagine a glimpse into that mind has been set to music.
Welcome to 'Deathshow' !
Oe of the most powerful and painfully dark death industrial releases ever.
Aknife jabbing through the speakers that shrilled sounds bark forth from as slow, pounding, malevolently evil electronic drones and textures that spiral from the very depths of the primordial ooze that has spawned this monster.
Vocals, with a distorted clarity, act like distant voices in your mind, unsure what their commands are, they captivate and punish you whilst you fucked over by the intensity of the electronics that surround them.
Where others before have dabbled, Morder Machine has excelled.
[Judas Kiss - Review excerpt]

1 I'm So 5:56
2 What's A Human 7:35
3 Andei-Ice (Destructive Element) 6:48
4 I'm So (Reprise) 4:47
5 DeathShow 9:59
6 Terrortory 5:41
7 Music For Dead Brains 12:39

This is rare!
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