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5x7" Vinyl + T-Shirt (TESCO 130) - TESCO

Limited Edition 250 copies

A new release (out in April 2019) and already rare.

A set of 5 single vinyl records limited to 250 copies.
The 5 singles are on Blue / Yellow / Red / White / Orange vinyle.
T-Shirt size < L >
Numbered A6 sized insert - Copy nr. 054

The Colors that make the Flag of the 969 Movement.
: MOVEMENT : is the 2nd part in the GENOCIDE ORGAN´s serie on religious fanatism / fundamentalism / fantasticism.
: KAHANE CHAI : discovered the ideas of Kahane and his Jewish Defense League
– here Genocide Organ toured the borderlands of Myanmar, listening to speeches of Ashin Wirathu, experiencing 1st hand the soft cliche life of buddism.
A society ready to defend, ready to attack – and some call it Genocide.
What other is religion for?

A. Ashin Wirathu – A burning monk
B. Why should I care
C. Why Should I Care
D. Ashin Wirathu - A Burning Monk
E. Why Should I Care
F. Ashin Wirathu - A Burning Monk
G. Why Should I Care
H. Ashin Wirathu - A Burning Monk
I. Why Should I Care
J. Ashin Wirathu - A Burning Monk

This is rare!
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