Uki Uki


CD Digipack (HCD 05) - HORUS CyclicDaemon

Roricat is a Russian duo ...

Layers of crystalline guitar strains are interwoven with languidly lively electronics and sparse hand-drum percussion.
When put into words, it sounds so minimal, yet what this duo create is a brilliant dose of highly melodic electronic music that oozes with a blend of human passion and alien disposition.
The mood is often icy and abstract.
Some vocals are present, but they remain non-verbal and are subjected to extreme treatments until they emerge like a chorus of cartoon angels crooning from high altitudes.

Remember the first time you heard Brian Eno's "Another Green World"?

1  Blue 6     3:48
2  She Dives With Fireflies     5:36
3  Washu Theme     4:05
4  Perverted Magic User     3:53
5  Uki Uki     5:48
6  Ice-Cold Blood     4:55
7  Luna     3:52
8  Mutio     9:02
9  Helica     6:25
10  Taina (X-COM Forever)     3:07
11  Naga Will Be Fine     5:27
12  Hive     5:11
13  Astral Creeps Hunter (For Edward)     5:47
14  Homeworld     4:39

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