IIIrd Gatekeeper


CD Jewel Box (HD 01) - HEADDIRT

acclaimed 1992 album.
Lineup FEATURING : Matthew Bower (guitar), Stuart Dennison (drums and vocals), and Anthony DiFranco (bass).
IIIrd Gatekeeper is an immensely heavy album, grinding out slow, sludgy riffs and crushing, almost industrial rhythms amid a tempest of psychedelic guitar noise and dense sheets of feedback.
The most crushing rock-based sounds that Skullflower ever recorded.

Tracklist :
1 Can You Feel It? 6:38
2 Black Rabbit 4:12
3 Larks Tongues 4:30
4 Center Puss 6:10
5 Saturnalia 7:37
6 Rotten Sun 7:00
7 Vanadis 6:34
8 Godzilla 11:11
9 Spoiler 8:54

This is rare!

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