Suction Melena / din-i-ilahi / NMSY

SUCTION MELENA / din-i-ilahi / NMSY

Music Cassette (004) - ADVAITA

Limited Edition 50 copies

Three-way split / collaboration by:
§ SUCTION MELENA (LCB Side Project) from Italy
§ din-i-ilahi from Japan
§ NMSY obsucure project from?

Side A of the tape is a tripartite collaboration.
The original sound sources has been corrupted and reedited by the 3 projects so that the original song becomes unknown.
Side B includes the own solo sounds by the 3 projects.

A. Untitled (NMSY, Suction Melena, din-i-ilahi) 30:00

B1. Altered Pinky (Suction Melena) 8:00
B2. Conciousness Speaks (din-i-ilahi) 8:58
B3. Academic 057 (NMSY) 10:10

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