The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott


2xCD Digipack (ZOHAR 116-2) - ZOHARUM

Reissue of past works of one of the most interiguing projects of the 1980s underground "Hybryds".
”The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott” is the fifth instalment in the reissue series of Hybryds classic releases.
The first CD collects tracks from two studio releases ”The Rhythm of the Ritual” and ”Ein Phallischer Gott”.
The second CD contains live versions of the studio CD (some taken from the live Obuh vinyl LP) and some extras, like an unreleased song ”Dusk Falling”.
The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions.

§ The Rythm of the Ritual / EIn Pahllischer Gott
01. Je Suis le Premier et le Dernier
02. Keryneia
03. Ruach
04. Moon Far Away
05. Call of the Tuareg
06. Ritual of the Rave
07. Hamyana el Caballo
08. For the Nameless One
09. Dolichenus
10. Octahedron
11. Urban War
12. Totem of Rvelation

§ Live Recordings
01. Wailing for the Fallen Angels
02. For the nameless One
03. Rauch
04. Moon Far Away
05. Sunyate
06. Je Suis le Premier et le Dernier
07. Crom Cruach
08. Hamyana el Caballo
09. The Man with no Shadow
10. Laughing at the Universe
11. And I Whisper
12. Dusk Falling

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