Epicurean Escapism II

Various Artists

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‘Epicurean Escapism II’ forms the multi-media companion release to the festival of the same name (held in Berlin on 15th June, 2013).
Noting this is the second festival release, when reflecting on the cassette/ DVD/ special packaging of the first compilation, this time around the format has been stepped up a notch to more comprehensively reflect the multi-media format of the festival.
Here the release incorporates elements of all artistic aspects including: reproductions of a selection of exhibited artworks, a CD of material contributed by performing acts and a DVD that reproduces the screened short experimental films.
These audio and visual elements have then been housed in an impeccably designed DVD sized fold out cardboard cover, highlighting that there have been no half measures when approaching this release.
Although in the first instance this release is a memento of the festival it seeks to document, with its meticulous execution and sheer quality of its content, Epicurean Escapism II transcends this mere documentary role, to become an exceptionally focused multi-media release.

The compilation consists of >>>

Epicurean Escapism II CD
1 Ke/Hil - Dark Germany 3:55
2 Anemone Tube - Apocalyptic Fantasy 3:20
3 Anemone Tube - Accumulations 8:44
4 Post Scriptvm - Leprous Driver 7:42
5 Trepaneringsritualen - Vanärat Är Ditt Namn 3:29
6 Trepaneringsritualen - End Of Flesh 5:10
7 Dieter Müh - Bethlehem 20:34

Con-Dom “We Who Were Living Are Now Dying” DVD
1 Impressions of a System 6:12
2 The Coming of Christ 13:35
3 Our Pleasure in the Pain/Vilification 8:42
4 All In Good Faith 1 14:18
5 All In Good Faith 2 (Get Right With God) 6:52
6 Hunger for Death 5:57

This dvd contains super-8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013

20 page catalogue with essay and art works by

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