A Sucked Orange / Scrag



Out of print for years, this remastered and repackaged reissue of Nurse With Wound's album A Sucked Orange is coupled with the previously cassette-only release Scrag.
It comes packaged in a beautiful six panel digifile with full-color Babs Santini artwork, all finished in a luxurious soft touch lamination.

Sucked Orange was not conceived as an album.
During the eighties I had accumulated several dozen reels of old worn and drastically edited quarter inch magnetic tapes, the debris from Sylvie and Babs, Spiral Insana, Large Ladies etc. Normally I would record over previously mixed material but these tapes had hundreds of spliced edits and general abuse (I liked to screw up balls of tape and then try to play 'em back) which would mean dropouts and distortion had I tried to re-record over them.
I decided to throw them out.
A friend suggested I keep some of the more interesting bits and bobs, which I did, although I had no idea what to do with them until Mark Hayward of Vinyl Experience expressed an interest.
He liked what he heard and wanted to release them as a 12" picture disc.
The picture disc was not to be but the album came out soon after on UD via Vinyl Experience in 1987.
The cassette Scrag was compiled from the same source material and became part of the Untied Diaries limited tape box, also issued in 1987.

--Steven Stapleton

1-1 Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak 0:43
1-2 It's All Gone Weird 0:42
1-3 Spiral Theme 2:02
1-4 Man Is The Animal 0:45
1-5 A Precise History Of Industrial Music 0:41
1-6 Raymonde Fluffs It 0:05
1-7 Musical Bovine Spongiform (The Mad Cow Two Step) 1:40
1-8 I'm A Frayed Knot 4:13
1-9 Sinan Sings For Her Chums 1:41
1-10 It Just Ain't So 1:10
1-11 Nasal Hair 1:49
1-12 Rockette Morton Part One 4:12
1-13 Rockette Morton Part Two 3:11
1-14 Dogs Breath Rising 0:51
1-15 This Piano Can't Think 1:17
1-16 Crack Up 1:50
1-17 Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation 2:24
1-18 Dream Of A Butterfly Inside The Skull Of A Horse 1:22
1-19 Raymonde Cries A River 1:26
1-20 Fade / Crack Down 1:32
1-21 Ritva Sings For The World 2:36
1-22 Peccadillo 1:38
1-23 Great-God-Father-Nieces 2:04
1-24 It Just Ain't So (Slight Return) 0:27
1-25 A Little Missing Part Of 'Homotopy To Marie' 1:36
1-26 SBB Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards 2:22
1-27 Scrapie 1:10
1-28 Flea Bite 1:45
1-29 Scrambled Egg Rebellion In The Smegma Department 2:43

2-1 Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak 0:44
2-2 Wisecrack 4:52
2-3 Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation 2:38
2-4 Praying Mantis 4:10
2-5 Dream Of A Butterfly Inside The Skull Of A Horse 1:05
2-6 It's All Gone Weird / Nasal Hair 4:25
2-7 Sinan Sings For Her Chums 1:41
2-8 Ritva Sings For The World 2:54
2-9 Automating (Some More) 2:25
2-10 It Just Ain't So / In Heaven 3:24

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