The Progeny Of Flies


CD Digisleeve (mt206 ) - BETA-LACTAM

Mr. Liles and Mr. Menche first ever collaboration.
The 65+ minutes that form The progeny Of Flies are divided into 4 parts.
Opener Eggs (signifying the first stage of the fly life cycle) features the now typical Liles-sounds augmented by Menche's higher and harsher frequencies, in one word beautiful.

The second track 1st To 3rd Instar features low frequency pulses before subtle piano chords (and reverbed pedals) set in and again full marks to Liles and Menche.

"Pupar" (the third track) starts off with a horse's neigh.
After that surprising intro we're in a world filled with bass tones with plucked strings and percussive elements.

Closing track Metamorphoses (to end the fly theme) features a low, almost prehistoric growl and Menche's more noisy elements which builds up to a climax.
The track ends with
piano and the buzzing sound of a fly.

This CD, subtitled "tres muscae conummunt cadaver equi aeque cito ac leo", which loosely and very cryptically translates into "three muscular complete corpses indeed quick justice and lion" is a gorgeous piece of work, beautiful, restrained and highly recommended.
Comes packed into a hard carton slightly oversized CD digi-sleeve with typical Liles-artwork.

Tracklist :
1 Eggs 17:23
2 1st To 3rd Instar 20:22
3 Pupa 13:45
4 Metamorphosis 16:23

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