Never mind HDG, here is Anna

ANNA [Wermut / His Divine Grace]


Chip-Tunes Diva Johanna Liebhart (whose mysterious disappearance a few years ago is said to have involved HDG's M. Erik, see GIGA031) is back with this posthumous compilation.
Featured here are the "Krut Püg" LP from 1984 - probably her most "difficult" album and what she herself called "Experimental New Wave Chip Music" as well as archive tracks of the late 80s/early 90s, in ANNA's more typical romantic style.

01- Epihd Og
02- Ofgy
03- Hikpo
04- Igli Kög
05- Pumg Log
06- Kamen Chi
07- Birg
08- Jukli Chi
09- Müput
10- Bep Soug
11- Pul Pul
12- Triumph
13- Schlacht
14- Gehen wie stehen
15- Das war's dann wohl...
16- Nach Haus'
17- Nicole (Tanz-Fassung)

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