CD in Cross-Folding Digipak (TumorCD111) - MALIGNANT

Following an 11 year absence since his debut, Idolatriae, Eidulon returns with a radically different entity.
Whereas Idolatriae was haunting and minimal catacomb ambience, Combustioni is otherwise now a daunting, full on apocalyptic industrial, auditory excursion, complete with crushingly ominous brass chords, fearsome horn proclamations, organ, and doom filled atmospherics.
Contributions of murderous, gnarled vocals courtesy of Nordvargr and Luca Soi, as well as caustic noise from Italian heavy electronic practitioners Naxal Protocol (ex-Cazzodio) add a powerful element, often cutting through a blaze of swelling tones and pneumatic percussive pummel, the only respite coming in the form of collaborative tracks with Kammarheit and Caul, which sees Eidulon returning to the foggy gloom and bleak isolationism that populated the debut.
Collectively, it’s quite the provocative declaration, shattering genre barriers and setting the soundtrack for a world of incinerated cities, global plagues, and nuclear winters.
A much more assertive apocalyptic industrial excursion.
Eidulon’s sound has grown both in volume and in confidence: it demands attention and focus and proclaims itself from on high rather than insinuating itself from the background.
It’s a vortex of dissonant brass, organ and electronically generated noise, still heavy on atmosphere, but brimming with the confidence of a conquering army.

Album comes in ultra-luxurious 10 panel, Maltese Cross digipak

1 In Igne Revelabitur 6:21
2 A Shimmer In The Void 5:12 (Vocalsby: Henrik Nordvargr Björkk)
3 Grande Rosso 6:13
4 Averni Flammas Transivi 7:15 (Featuring: Kammarheit)
5 The Hierarchy Of The Inner Planes 5:45 (Featuring: Naxal Protocol / Lyrics & Vocals by: Henrik Nordvargr Björkk)
6 Immanence 6:04 (Featuring – Caul)
7 Stratificazione Settima 5:37

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