DISCriminate (2017 Re-edition)


2xCD Jewel-Box (NERUS 41) - NER

Finally re-pressed.
Considered by many as the best “beginner's guide to Death In June”, this 2CD collection of 33 songs from 1981-1997 has been compiled personally by Douglas P. in 1997.
Several versions of the songs are exclusive to this compilation and most of the tracks are from now deleted or hard to find albums and singles.

01 Fields of Rape–1985
02 Hail! The white Grain–1987
03 Rose Clouds of Holocaust–1995    (not listed on cover notes)
04 Till the living Flesh is burned–1982
05 Break the black Ice-1986
06 Torture by Roses-1986
07 To drown a Rose-1986
08 Luther's Army-1995
09 Little black Angel-1992
10 But, what ends when the Symbols shatter?-1992
11 Heilige Leben-1989
12 Cathedral of Tears-1993
13 Leopard Flowers-1996
14 The Guilty have no Pride-1982
15 Accidental Protege-1995

01 Hullo Angel-1989
02 Heaven Street-1981
03 She said destroy-1984
04 Fall apart-1989
05 Leper Lord-1985
06 C'est un Reve-1985
07 Touch Defiles-1987
08 Come before Christ and murder Love-1986
09 Rocking Horse Night-1986
10 Hollows of Devotion-1992
11 Golden Wedding of Sorrow-1992
12 Black Radio-1984
13 Runes and Men-1987
14 Giddy Giddy Carousel-1989
15 13 Years of Carrion-1995
16 Crush My Soul-1985
17 Honour of Silence-1985

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