Imposing Elitism



Limited Edition 250 copies

ARDITI sixth full-length release.
The awe-inspiring figure that is Arditi has never been stronger or more relentless, and continues to cast an ever-harsher tone to their Martial Neo-Classical Industrial.
A new dawn rises as the broken ground trembles under the resounding echoes of an army… “Imposing Elitism” marks a turning point – what was once cold hard stone has now turned into raw steel!
By reaching further into Man’s collecting past to harvest memories of a golden age of heroes, ARDITI tap into the source of ancient blood that will fuel the impending march to the new Era.

Originally available as a small-run cassette of 222 copies which quickly sold out, finally here comes the ellegant collectors vinyl edition.

A1  Imposing Elitism 5:26
A2  Heroic Age           6:08
A3  Templets Heliga Härd      4:45
A4  Order Of The Black Sun 4:32

B1  The Earth Shall Tremble Under The Tramp Of Our Feet          5:28
B2  Sturm Auf Die Zukunft     3:10
B3  Dawn of a New Mythos   4:55
B4  Förfäders Dygder            5:44
B5  Ashes Scattered In A River         2:20

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