CD Digipack (tsl1 ) - TOTSOLUNA DISC

Not a new album, but new for our mail-order.

Iosophis is the tales of the forest.
Iosophis is the power of the stone.
Iosophis is the song of men to the glory of the Woman.
Naharda Ior (druid) and Victor Yann (bard) make the sound of Iosophis, minimal like a ritual without age that builds up every act of Life on Earth.
Iosophis is folk and esoteric music for those who don't forget where they come from.

Tracklist :
1 A
2 B
3 C
4 D
5 E
6 F
7 G
8 H
9 I
10 J
11 K
12 L

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