Drunk with the Old Man of the Mountains / Напившись Со Старым Горцем

NURSE WITH WOUND [Раненая Медсестра]

CD Jewel Box (DSM5002-07) - JNANA / SOYUZ

Official Russian edition ! (NB: many cover-notes are on Cyrillic)

Originally released January 1987 as an edition of 180 signed copies in different versions but each of them coming with original painted and processed photos .
A facsimile edition of 555 copies was released in December 2003.

As a testament to the random disorder and beauty of life,Nurse with Wound (Steve Stapleton) functioned outside the normal musical channels for a decade, experimenting with tape collages of disjointed phrases, improvised music, electronics and found sounds on a series of intriguing, provocative, humorous and frequently entertaining self-released records.
Between 1978 and 1988, Stapleton collaborated with such likeminded sonic adventurers as David Tibet of Current 93 and Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus to produce a prodigious body of work that embraces surrealism in both content and graphics.

1 Скорбная Улыбка
2 Болотный Хомяк
3 Шейла-На-Гиг (Веселая Шейла)
4 Погребальная Песнь Астрального Мусорного Ящика
5 Падение Разбивающегося Вдребезги

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