Mini CD Digipack (TumorCD51 ) - MALIGNANT

Originally planned as part of the next full length release, but the tracks here are significantly different from the newer material being recorded as to warrant a separate release. Sunken|Buried|Forgotten should be seen as a sort of bridge between Terra Sancta's past and future recordings, the three tracks here (total time roughly 23 minutes) representing the heavy droning sound found on particular parts of Disintegration; swaths of roughly textured, post-industrial drift, propelled forth with a massive back weight into a crescendo of epic turbulence, leaving a wake of swirling cosmic debris in its path.
Once again, Terra Sancta shows an innate ability to push the limits of what is traditionally considered dark ambient.

Tracklist :
1 Sunken 7:32
2 Buried 6:20
3 Forgotten 9:42

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