Vertigo de Lodo y Miel


CD Digipack (IF-59) - INFINITE FOG

Limited Edition 400 copies

Mexican duo Ford Proco with their famous and long-time sold out album "Vertigo De Lodo Y Miel" featuring COIL!
The collaboration between FORD PROCO and COIL came about after Coil and Throbbing Gristle’s Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson met the act’s Robert Proco and Wito Lavolt while watching The Orb perform in Los Angeles in the late 90s.
They exchanged contact details, and a few months later, Christopherson called up the pair to ask if they wanted to be in a music video he was directing – Ice-T and Body Count’s ‘Born Dead’.
Following that unlikely team-up, the Mexican duo worked on a pair of tracks with Christopherson and Coil vocalist John Balance, which ended up on Ford Proco’s Vertigo De Lodo Y Miel album, released in 2000.

Hailing from electronically fertile Tijuana, techno iconoclasts Wito Lavot and Roberto Castañeda are Ford Proco.
A collaboration with members of like-minded veteran British acid-house outfit COIL (John Balance and Peter Sleazy Christopherson), Vértigo De Lodo Y Miel (Vertigo of Mud and Honey) delves into nearly two decades of ambient dance sounds, recalling moments of '80s industrial techno ("Abzeichnen") and melodic pop grooves.
The dreamy "SSW" and "FM Road" feature guest vocalists Chuy Picos and Iaia Morfin (Nona Delichas).
Adhering to the Nimboestatic aesthetic of ethereal moods and textures, Vértigo brings an avant-garde, futurist feel to the table, defiantly proving it's light years away from most Latin alternative fare.
This album could easily be spun alongside the likes of Pole, Einstürzende Neubauten and Nortec Collective member Bostich, who offers a remix of "FM Road".

1  FM Road    
2  Expansión Naranja    
3  Tustooine    
4  Arkan    
5  Abzeichnen    
6  Ssw.    
7  Teleprompter    
8  Ecuación De Las Estrellas    
9  The Butcher    
10  Untitled
11  Ssw Dee Dee Mix    
12  Esquirla    
13  FM Road (Nortec Mix)

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